Ducted Vacuum Systems

Ducted Vacuum Systems

Imagine getting rid of your clunky conventional vacuum cleaner! With Total Alarms ducted vacuum systems, that dream can be a reality.

Conventional vacuum cleaners work by sucking up dust and dirt and storing it in a vacuum bag. While this removes unsightly mess, finer dust particles can be pumped back into the house, causing allergies and asthma.

Ducted vacuum systems are far more powerful. Not only do they suck up dirt, dust mites, pollen and spores, but the system deposits the mess outside, away from the family.

Our ducted vacuum system utilises a cyclonic 30-litre collector, eliminating the need for expensive bags. And because the vacuum motor is located outside the home, these systems are quiet. The installation process is simple, with piping being routed through the ceiling, under the floor, or within wall cavities. This feature is usually installed during home construction, but can also be installed in existing homes.

A Total Alarms ducted vacuum installation includes quality Italian-style floor and furniture vacuum tools and hose. It is simply then a case of plugging the hose into a vacuum socket in your wall, and cleaning with a superior and quieter system.